What We Do

If you are injured anywhere in the United States and need legal representation, we can help. We are a free service to help you find an injury lawyer. We have an established network of experienced, aggressive personal injury attorneys that handle every type of serious injury case including medical malpractice, work injuries, product liabilitypersonal injury, and wrongful death.

We have been able to establish this great network of personal injury attorneys in part because we are attorneys who handle injury cases. Unlike other referral programs, when you contact us, an experienced attorney will help you find a lawyer who focuses his/her practice on your type of injury case and has a track record of successful settlements. Very much like a family physician, we diagnose your problem, tell you what kind of lawyer you need and recommend an attorney who fits your specific needs.

No lawyer can choose to be part of our network. We choose them based on their credentials and we monitor their performance. In addition, we will act as an intermediary on your behalf if there are any problems.

We have a long history of helping people throughout the United States, from big cities to rural areas. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation recommendation of an accomplished injury attorney.