Our Philosophy

Injurylawyerfinder.com helps people who are injured anywhere in the United States find the right attorney for their unique situation. Since 2002, we have helped people who are searching for a reputable medical malpractice, work injuries, product liability, personal injury, or wrongful death attorney.

We are a unique service in that we have accessible lawyers who will answer questions at no charge. Our service is driven by an overall philosophy of providing customer service to the legal field. There are three things we do that strongly reflect our philosophy.

First, we are honest as we can be with the people that contact us, even if they don’t like the answer that we have to give. Sometimes we tell people that they don’t have a case. Other times we tell them that we don’t know a lawyer for them or the answer to their question. Fortunately in most cases we are able to answer the questions that people ask and/or refer them to a lawyer that fits their needs. No matter the situation we give an honest legal opinion to the best of our ability.

Secondly, we have a nationwide network of attorneys who we believe give their clients the best chance of success. No lawyer pays us to be part of our network. We choose the attorneys that we recommend based on a number of factors, including:

  • Focus. The law practice is narrowly focused on representing injured clients.
  • Experience. The attorney has years of experience in the injury field and has seen many examples
  • Track record of success. The lawyer fights for his/her clients and has achieved good results.
  • Good customer service. The attorney treats his/her clients with respect and responds in a timely manner.

Finally, we believe in responsiveness. When you call or e-mail our office you speak to a licensed attorney, usually right away or within minutes and almost always within 24 hours. On an average day at least five people will tell us how shocked they are at how quickly they responded or the fact that they got to speak to a lawyer right away. We take great pride in hearing that response and will continue to do whatever we can to speak to those who contact us as soon as possible.

We welcome the chance to answer any questions you have about our service or provide you legal guidance. If you would like our help please do not hesitate to contact us.