How It Works

Contacting us is easy – either submit our online form or call our 800 number. Either way, one of our attorneys will speak with you for free.

Once we speak with you about your injury case, we will either:

  • Immediately recommend an attorney who focuses their practice on medical malpractice, work injury, product liability, personal injury, or wrongful death and provide you with information about him/her; or
  • Perform research into your legal issue and then recommend an injury law attorney who may be helpful in litigation or negotiating settlements. Research may include interviewing potential attorneys, speaking to their references, speaking to other lawyers in their area of practice. We will also speak with the attorney to make your needs and expectations clear.

In some cases, we will refer you to an injury attorney that has become a trusted colleague over the years. IN EVERY CASE, we recommend a lawyer that we believe can best handle your specific case, whether litigation is involved or not. If we don’t know anyone for you, we won’t give a name because we’d rather give no recommendation than a bad one.

We do not randomly recommend lawyers. Rather, we always recommend the attorney that we believe can help you better than any other lawyers that we know of. NO ATTORNEY PAYS US OR CHOOSES TO BE A PART OF OUR REFERRAL NETWORK. We choose them based on their credentials and we monitor their performance.

Remember, you have no obligation to retain the attorney that we recommend and the attorney that we recommend has no obligation to take your case.

We have a long history of helping people from big cities to rural areas. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation recommendation of an accomplished injury attorney.